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Bernard is available to give talks on a wide range of topics on wildlife film production for general audiences as well as educational classes from schools to universities



  • The Adventures of a Wildlife Filmmaker. Bernard talks about the challenges and glories of surviving the toughest places on earth to film the most extraordinary wildlife on the planet. From the arctic to the tropical jungles, Bernard tells the secrets of what makes a successful wildlife film.


  • The Evolution of Wildlife Films Over 100 years.  Bernard explores the amusing and fascinating history of the wildlife films.  He reveals the pioneers and the extraordinary technology that makes nature films one of the most loved programmes on television.


  • Secrets of Becoming a Wildlife Filmmaker.  With over 30 years experience and responsible for helping many graduates get jobs in the BBC and in his own indie, Aqua Vita Films, Bernard gives the tips and advice on how to make a career in the TV industry.


  • The Nature of Leadership.  Whether you are entrepreneur or leader in business, there are real life parallels between the challenges in business and wildlife filmmaking.  From having a clear vision, setting goals, team building, stamina, risk taking, and facing disasters, Bernard explains how you can be a winner based on his own personal career of over 30 years.



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It really inspired me, making me think that if I want to go as far as I can, I need to rely on hard work, not just luck.

Pupil at Gordano School Portishead, North Somerset, England



Here are examples of Bernard presenting on camera.

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