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Nature Filming Course

If you are interested in making a career in wildlife film-making Bernard is offering himself as your personal mentor.  He will advise you on personal one-to-one basis, coach you and help you gain more confidence and experience, so helping you to launch your career in the right direction.

Dr Bernard Walton has 35 years experience in nature programmes working as producer-director, series producer and executive producer with the BBC for over 21 years and as a Creative Director for Aqua Vita Films Ltd for 15 years.

Mentoring includes:

  1. Introduction to the course.

  2. Preparation and setting your goals: producer, director, camera, editing. researcher, field assistant.

  3. The role of the field assistant - understanding shooting in difficult far flung places. Practicalities and skills required.

  4. How to be a researcher - understanding broadcasters needs and how and where to find the stories. Facts versus emotion

  5. Researcher practical and assessment.

  6. Developing ideas, creative thinking and pitching your ideas.  Genres and styles.

  7. The role of a director in wildlife films. Writing treatments and telling stories plus working with a cameraperson.

  8. Interviewing techniques and working with contributors

  9. Working with a presenter

  10. Story boarding, understanding visual and audio narrative and thinking ahead. 

  11. The art and science of filming:  The essentials.

  12. Filming in a studio - understanding the ethics and necessities, including health and safety.

  13. Reconstructions – how to be creative plus how and when to use them

  14. The role of the producer in making wildlife films - understanding broadcasters and audience’s needs.

  15. Budgets, schedules and deliverables.

  16. The importance of editing - the art of editing wildlife films and how to work with editor's needs.

  17. Understanding the role of sound and music against visuals

  18. Essentials in writing a commentary script.

  19. Post-Production - Colour grading, sound mixing and finalising wildlife films

  20. Ethics and the law. Compliance and authentic story telling.

  21. Networking and connecting with the “right people”.

  22. Preparing for an interview - with mock interviews (2 hours)

Each of the above is an 1 hour one-to-one on Zoom

Certificate on completion of mentoring is available. 

Cost: £200.00 + VAT

Two week practical experience with Aqua Vita Films on completion of the course.  Advise and support for one year. £500.00 +VAT

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